Friday, October 5, 2007

Mr. Opinionated

Okay well sooner or later this blog was bound to get me in trouble, sooner or later it was certain that my opinionated discourses on a variety of subjects was bound to break through the eewie gooey goodness of past posts, no longer satisfied with silence here comes “Mr. Opinionated”!

With fair warning I first feel it fair to confess, a soon apparent reality, I write this offering with a hint of irritation! It could be a warning perhaps to go no further although I implore you to do so.

What has rained on my parade, you may ask? What has caused such irritation? Well not a single incident per say, though it certainly could be labeled as the catalyst. The past week brought news of an impending divorce to take place among a Christian TV personality (televangelist) and her husband who pastors a very large church in Florida.(somewhere in the neighborhood of 23,000 members). The cause for such an action was simply labeled as “We are going in different directions” with the promise to continue in ministry without missing a beat. He’ll continue to Pastor, and she will continue to pursue or serve in the ministry on television…

I must confess that this floored, shocked, disappointed, and saddened me. Without coming across as calloused and uncaring I am quick to note that I pray for this couple and sympathize with the plight and pain of divorce. Truly it is devastating and painful for all who find themselves at this crossroads, or who are themselves storming such weather…

However, with dues sympathies noted, under no condition, or circumstances at all should divorce be considered, simply because a couple finds themselves going in different directions, under such a discovery, that they may well be, and most certainly are actually traveling in opposing directions which therefore are the wrong directions, an immediate change of travel MUST take place, so they find themselves once again on the right path… together… because after all that “two shall become one flesh stuff… I think God meant that! (ref; Genesis 2:24, Matthew 19:5, Mark 10:8, Ephesians 5:31)

This failure to do so cannot be remedied by further separation! Certainly a time of refocus of the roads being traveled and finding the correct avenue, one ample for proper travel would be the wise pursuit to endeavor!

What I find so saddening. is certainly the decline of moral fiber here in America, what I find utterly repulsive and sickening is the decline of moral fiber in the church. In past years marriage was considered to be ones first ministry, and it was considered the most precious commodity. Is that sentiment, no let me reword that, is that truth somehow losing its fire in the hearts of modern American Christianity?

In our modern Christian view, are we know shaping the commands of Christ based merely on cultural preferences? Gee, I hope not.

The basis of the marriage vow… “for better or worse, richer, or poorer…. Until death do we part” is said for a reason!!! The reason or the summation of such is a word seemingly hated by society today… So scary I cringe as I say it … get ready here it comes!


Ouch! That’s right God calls us to be committed… to Him, to each other and to our marriage, our spouse our children, our church etc…

In fact if we as Christians are to be any thing, or to have retained any quality since “Jesus came into my heart” as the song says… IT SHOULD BE COMMITMENT – and the first sin of wavering commitment(oxymoron) should be a warning that one may be weakening in their spiritual life…

I do realize that extenuating circumstances exist. Certainly in cases of abuse I don’t expect a spouse to abide under the same roof where physical danger lurks…

Nonetheless a principle quality of the church ought to be the sanctity of marriage, in which we certainly confess with our lips, but our statistics are far from it! Divorce is as prevalent in the church as it is in society at large… In fact our statistics rival theirs!

It seems to have lived in the pew long enough that it is becoming more socially accepted… Now that acceptance is crawling from the pew making its way to our pulpits… and I personally don’t like it! In fact as you were fairly warned I have something to say about it! IT – STINKS!

So my one lone voice resonates on the pages of this Blog perhaps making a point or two to those who frequent… But one voice is not the totality of the body of Christ… For we being many are essentially one body… there fore I make the simple suggestion to you… Be ye holy… as you have been so called, and defend the faith, which was given to you at the costly price – the blood of Christ.

We must make a stand against the erosion of moral integrity in Christianity today… Because we, like it or not are the only church God has in America, we are the modern day: apostles, prophets, teachers etc… Lets not take that to lightly! In fact I would encourage some contagious zeal! Let’s stand firm in the faith, and let the WORD of God be a lamp, and a light to our path! We live in age were uncertainties exist, and social pressure seeks to override the precepts of God… This truth therefore begs the question: What are you going to do about it?