Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Over the memorial day weekend Gina and I renewed our vows! The ceremony was held at the Church In the Grove, at The Great Passion Play in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I have wanted to do this for awhile since Gina and I were not yet serving the Lord when we were originally married. So this was really special to me - to make this vow to one another and to God as well.

I worked hard to set this up as a complete surprise, but Gina was on to me, she had figured out what I was up to the night before... Though I never verified if she was guessing correctly!

The Church in the Grove is on the grounds of The Great Passion Play which has long been our favorite vacation spot since we where originally married some 12 years ago now... So it was the perfect location... the minister was Marvin Peterson, who believe it or not - ministers at a local Assemblies of God church - so that was a cool point of connection and Minister Peterson did a GREAT job - Gina and I were fortunante enough to make friends with he and his wife Kay after the ceremony, so I hope to further that friendship, they were both wonderful people!

As life would have it - artist Jack Dawson was in town that weekend, and we were able to meet him and he signed a print of his work entitled "Two Become One" which is a portrait of marriage... he has some great work - all his art is distinctly christian and has a powerful message- alot of which is on display at the Sacred Arts Center at the Great Passion Play.

Anyway I just wanted to share some of the love - we had an incredible weekend together and it was great to just share with each other in uninterrupted fashion love, spiritual insight and togetherness - You know life and business are so intrusive to a marriage... I am sure some of you have noticed that... it is amazing what setting some time aside just for each other can do to remind you how wonderful the person you married is... I am hoping you experience that today...

Well thanks Gina - for marrying me - again!

Also if you have never been to The Great Passion Play why? You're missing out!