Thursday, January 3, 2008


Sooner or later someone was going to, and probably already has, coined the phrase “life will be great in 2008”, or “Things are great in 2008” or something of that nature. So remember you heard it here first! Honestly though why shouldn’t it be, and why shouldn’t 08 be great?

For this reason I am starting my EXCEL08'd series of posts. Ideas and suggestions for accelerating your life towards your goals... Each week I will blog a new concept to accelerate your life in 08! Let me know what you think!

I think it's time to get up and get going, and "New Years" are good for that; they instill within us the positive springboard of a new beginning. This is a new year, and we can deem it as a new beginning for us, and as we forge ahead, I’d like to make the challenge to you, that you make this the best year you have ever had!

You have 1 year, that’s 12 months, or 365 days, to make this the best year you have ever had! A year of accomplishments, a year of laughter, a year of healing, a year of true joy, whatever the case may. Why can’t this be YOUR YEAR?

A year of leading someone to Jesus Christ, a year of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit, helping someone have a better life, or perhaps getting involved in children's ministries, or some form of Church outreach, or letting go of those things that have held you back.

What needs to be changed for your life to be excel08’d?

Make a good solid list of things you want to see changed.

Let me make a suggestion; Concept #1 What are some of the biggest regrets you have? Take those regrets, those items, write them down and resolve to change them.

Make your regrets, your resolutions!

What has been holding you back? Perhaps you feel you are to easily angered, or you let others push you around, maybe you’re fat, or perhaps you don’t have a solid prayer life. Whatever the case may be I challenge you to make a list of regrets and then make your regrets your resolutions!

By the power of the Holy Spirit, those changes can come to pass, by the work of the Holy Spirit you can change!

What do you regret about your life, what is that thing that has been keeping you down?

Make the decision, that you can be changed, that God is able, that no mountain is so heavy, He can't move it, no problem so ingrained that He can't change it!

So it’s time to get excel08’d and implement this first concept into your life!

Remember Jesus teaches us:

(Matthew 17:20) .... If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

Here is what I suggest, get together in a quiet place with the Holy Spirit ask Him; "What are my faults, what is holding me back?" think about your regrets, go make that list of potential changes, that list of dreams you desire, and bring them to the Lord, let the Spirit of God shape and mold you, and then reach by the power of the Holy Spirit KNOW things have changed...

Act in accordance to that change, live it, feel it, imagine yourself in your mind as you, without that hindrance.

When we view the bible and see the list of impossibilities that God conquered and the great things He has done through average men and women, and we realize that He can do anything, not just with them, but with us too! With His power, guess what, we can do ALL THINGS

(Philippians 4:13) I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Okay it's time to Xcel08 your life! Get up, get going, and get er done!